Proposed PA Tuition and Fees for Academic Year (AY) 2023-2024

Annual Tuition and Fees

Year ResidentNon-Resident
Year 1$23,522.00$43,245.51
Year 2$23,522.00$43,245.51
Year 3 (Fall semester)$7,439.45 $14,013.95
Total Tuition and Fees $54,483.45$100,504.97
Additional tuition per credit hour is $401.22; this fee is capped in Fall and Spring at 9 semester credit hours. In Summer per UNC directive the additional tuition per credit hour is not capped.

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Other Related Costs

Books & Supplies$7,000.00$3,000.00$2,150.00
Insurance (all)$2,704.00$2,704.00$1,352.00
Loan Fees$934.00$934.00$467.00
Estimated other related cost for 27 month Program$89,052.00


On-site students are responsible for obtaining their own housing in the Greenville area during the didactic phase of the curriculum. Detailed information regarding university housing is available through University Housing Services at 1-800-328-7668 or 252-ECU-HOME (328-4663) or visit  Campus Living and Off Campus Housing. The student should be ready for travel by personal vehicle. Since many clinical rotation sites are away from the Greenville area, all students should expect to be assigned to these away sites and should anticipate the need to find housing in these areas during the clinical portion of the Program. Clinical coordinators will work with AHEC about potential housing at these away sites; however, neither AHEC nor the Program guarantees to provide housing.

Financial Aid

Through the use of federal and state funds, as well as contributions from its many friends and alumni, East Carolina University makes every effort to assist students in the continuation of their education. The types of financial assistance available to qualified students are educational loans, and gift aid consisting of grants and scholarships. The university participates in the federal and state Programs which provide funds on the basis of financial need. For further information please visit the following links:


The Office of Student Financial Aid assists students in obtaining funds from sources best suited for the individual’s need. Please direct all matters concerning financial aid to the Office of Student Financial Aid at 252-328-6610 or at their web site: Office of Student Financial Aid.

Students are encouraged to obtain financial aid, if needed, rather than seek employment during their professional education because of the academic and clinical time demands of the curriculum. Part-time employment by PA students at ECU is strongly discouraged.